Example: NGO benchmarking

The Solar Association of Liechtenstein (SGL) was founded in 1992 with the aim of fostering the use of solar energy and other renewable energy forms. This was on the one hand achieved by means of events promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving, and on the other through the construction of its own solar energy systems.

The SGL’s major aims were to a remarkable extent achieved in just two decades, while the association’s areas of activity were considerably expanded in the meantime. In 2015 SGL set out to answer a number of questions about its self-image and future development. “Now we have reached our goals, what is our purpose? What is our present-day vision? What contributions can we make in which areas and with what strategies? Do current projects match our visions and strategies?” etc.

I was able to deal with these questions at a one-day workshop with the SGL board. Along with the executive director and the president I prepared the workshop, adapting it to the needs of the association. The results, in the form of an extended photo record, now assist SGL in the planning of further activities and the consolidation of a common self-understanding shared by all those involved.

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