Management of the Solar Cooperative Liechtenstein

Photovoltaikanlage in Vaduz

Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to take stock of where the Solar Cooperative Liechtenstein stands: Where should the journey go, what does the cooperative need two decades after its foundation, what should be the future focus of its work?
This workshop gave the solar cooperative new momentum. When it was looking for a new managing director in 2019, I was asked if I could take on this task on a mandate basis.
Since then, I have been working with an extremely committed cooperative board to raise the public profile of the solar cooperative. In the meantime, the solar cooperative has been able to build a new photovoltaic system on the Äule primary school in Vaduz, but also to establish close cooperation with the Liechtenstein government and parliament. And advisory activities for people interested in solar energy are also part of my job.

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