Setting up a public benefit foundation

The entrepreneur Karl Zünd from Altstätten in the Swiss canton of St Gall has been active as a philanthropist for many years. In 2014, on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the founding of his company, he decided to establish a foundation as a vehicle for his commitment. He requested me to help with the setting-up of the public benefit “Karl Zünd Foundation” from the very outset. Thus over several sessions I worked out with him what were his particular interests, in which areas his foundation could become involved and who should sit on the foundation board. We then conducted a workshop with people that he trusted where we set out the objectives and fields of action of the foundation and discussed an appropriate strategy.

I worked closely with the future members of the foundation board on the founding deed and the corresponding regulations, doing only what the parties themselves could not or did not want to do. Various clarifications were required in respect of the founding deed and tax exempt status, as many matters in Switzerland are handled differently from canton to canton.

The founder and the other two members of the foundation board still invite me to their meetings as they see fit.

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