I will accompany you at every phase of your commitment. You decide on the timetable and the direction.

Accompanying projects

If you are investing money in a meaningful way, it is worthwhile monitoring and accompanying the use of these resources. I will be pleased to support you.

  • Clarifying co-operation with project partners
  • Defining milestones
  • Visiting projects
  • Evaluating success so you know what your commitment is producing.

Finding projects

I will be pleased to find the right partners and projects for your philanthropic commitment.

  • Specifying the approach: do you want to support an existing project or initiate one yourself? What are the topics that matter to you? Which organisations could become your long-term partners?
  • Evaluating financing requests: I have many years of experience in differentiating between meaningful projects and pipe dreams – well meant does not necessarily mean well done.
  • Project design: finding suitable partners to realise your project; examining possible co-operation; focusing on the employment of funds.

Developing commitments

If your commitment is in the initial stages, I will help you in establishing a foundation and defining a strategy. You may perhaps also wish to include other people (your partner, relatives, or other people of importance to you) in order to put your contribution on a wider footing.

  • Setting goals and developing strategy.
  • Consultation – with the support of legal specialists – on legal questions when supporting and donating; concerning tax aspects; with setting up your foundation etc.
  • Communication and publicity work for your commitment.


You decide exactly how much you wish to get involved in your favored project, what you intend to achieve with me and what you wish to delegate to me.