Sustainability House

A “Sustainability House” is being built in Liechtenstein, under whose roof will be housed the offices and workplaces of organisations active in the fields of nature & the environment, social, cultural and development policies, etc.

The House is being built by the non-profit “Foundation for Sustainability”, while the municipality of Ruggell is providing the land for 50 years free of charge under the terms of a building lease. The “Sustainability House” is also a beacon from the architectural point of view: it will be built from local wood, with its five floors representing the largest rammed earth structure in Europe, made with clay from the pits around Ruggell. Insulation will be provided by sheep’s wool from the area: the house has practically no heating requirements (just 2 m3 of local wood per year).

The Foundation for Sustainability has tasked Götz Charity Consulting AG with the management of the project. I was invited to participate in the project design and, in co-operation with the foundation boards, I am engaged in obtaining the necessary financing. I organised the architectural competition along with the relevant specialists and will assist in the construction process over the coming years.

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